Jim O'Rourke

The Visitor


Drag City
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  1. The Visitor 38:03

About this product

Drag City is all about looking outwards - taking the music from our artists and taking the pulse of the nations with it. Everybody's a star...everybody but our hard-working staff, the mini-wizards behind the big show. Nobody cares what they think. And so they drink...and ship records. During a pregnant pause in one of our recent lecture-tantrums, we were pleased to discover that one of our kids is an actual fan of Drag City records! And not only that, but that the Drag City artist known far and wide as Jim O'Rourke is his favorite artist! And not only that, but Jim's most recent record is the one he'd call his favorite! This was too much - and it called for a spotlite on a member of our staff as he recites his reasons why The Visitor is your latest Item of the Week:

"Breathing in, breathing out. Tide comes in, tide goes out. The sun rises and it also sets: beginnings and endings. These are the first impressions given by The Visitor: a build-up and break-down. One seamless, 38-minute piece of music that completely engages its listeners. An extremely thoughtful piece that even a year later, still retains all of the qualities it had upon first listen. This record made me realize the full potential music can have when someone who actually gives a damn does something about it. Here, O'Rourke constructs an intricate and personal piece of music that unveils its beauty with every listen. Open your ears, put this record on the platter, close the door behind you, shut your eyes, and prepare for the trip. Remember to be a good visitor - and visit often..."

Drew Samuel, Shipping/Receiving/Mailorder, Drag City Inc.