posted May 15th, 2015

Experiencing historical Death in the form of reborn albums such as ...For The Whole World To See and III has been an ear-popping and truly revelatory event for all of us who have! And just as we were certain it would, their first album of new material since back in duh day totally slays with the freshness of a ripe rock n' roll groupie who's put in a solid night back stage (bleargh!). That is to say, N.E.W., just released in April, delivers the goods, people! The new is out, N.E.W.'s chock full of fist raising, anarchic hits to the body and pulsing blasts of pure fun. Everybody loves some fun, y'all, just like the brothers Bobby and Dannis Hackney, along with their guitar-wielding pal, Bobbie Duncan do: how else do you come up with such a song like "Playtime?" Death for kids? Yeah! The first official video release from N.E.W., "Playtime" has multiple generations of Deathheads in full-on playtime mode, watch 'em go! N.E.W. is everywhere, and Death shall follow - they're touring the East Coast at the end of this very month! So get with it and start chasing Death - watch "Playtime," grab N.E.W., and get your rock n' roll body out to witness live Death at the following dates!

5/28/15 Black Cat Washington DC

5/29/15 TLA Philadelphia PA w/ Sheer Mag

5/30/15 Irving Plaza New York NY

5/31/15 Middle East Club Downstairs Cambridge MA

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