posted May 22nd, 2015

We're always down here tootin' horns about the great artists in this fam, and dang to they do us proud with every little step! Sometimes those steps cross large stretches of the ocean, see, and that's when it all gets put into perspective! Take Mr. Have Fun with God himself, Bill Callahan for example: next week the man soars, Eagle-style, to the land down under for a very special engagement, performing live two nights at the Sydney Opera House. Whoa, nelly! Yeah, it's part of the Vivid Live Festival, where Bill goes toe-to-toe with the likes of Morrisey (sure to be a blood bath) and other sensitive types, along with your typical festival circuitry rock. Standing out amongst his peers, Bill begins his trip with an exclusive night at Melbourne Arts Centre's prestigious Hamer Hall, full band in his corner. You may see him with an entourage, but don't expect Bill to ever need to utter the phrase, "cut me;" with a cadence as deliberate as Bill's, we know who'll escape unscathed! The outback may be tough, but Calla-songs prevail, always. Get down and get yours, Bill Callahan heads to Australia next week!

5/26/15 Hamer Hall Melbourne Australia

5/28/15– 5/29/15 Joan Sutherland Theatre Sydney Australia Vivid Live at The Sydney Opera House

And later, back in the states:

6/14/15 Faulk Central Library TX Austin Show starts at 3:00 pm

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