posted July 2nd, 2015

What happens when a group of bored teenagers, raised on the promises of Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple, get together and kick out the motherfucking jams? Motherfucking Midnight! Suburban Chicago in the 1970s was ripe with young heshers, yet the godz aligned four very specific young men at the witching hour- Dave Hill (vox, keys), Scott Marquart (drums), Frank Anastos (guitar, vox), and John Falstrom (bass)- with a deep appreciation for hard rock who were truly ready to let it all hang out. Branding themselves Midnight, the boys began to play live shows absolutely anywhere they could- houses, bars, colleges- and left every ounce of their wickedly raw powerhouse rock on the stage. Big things were on the horizon for Midnight in the fall of '77, which saw the band go into the studio to record their deserving gift to the proto-metal pantheon, Into The Night! Alas, their breakthrough success never materialized, and Midnight fell back into the darkness of the evening. Lacking management and promotion, they called it a night in the early hours of 1980.

Yet their document lives on, sounding more of the moment than ever; and now, 38 years after it's creation, the absolute ragers of Into The Night are ripe for a reemergence, to be properly released on July 17th! Today, in celebration of bringing Midnight to the masses, "Auto-Kinetic Illusion" premieres on Dangerous Minds with exclusive words by Midnight flag-bearer, John Falstrom! "Auto-Kinetic Illusion" is a groove, perfectly melding dark organs with thick, chugging basslines that lift you up and drop-kick your ass over and over (and under) again. Listen to "Auto-Kinetic Illusion" here and set your alarms for July 17th!


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