Into the Night


Drag City/Galactic Zoo Disk
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DC631 /GZD#013
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All Tracks

  1. Train Of Thought 4:03

  2. Into The Pit 3:28

  3. Crazy Little Mama 3:25

  4. Smoke My Cigarettes 3:01

  5. Time Will Tell 6:09

  6. Into The Night 5:04

  7. What's The Story 4:47

  8. Future Comes Our Way 2:32

  9. Auto-Kinetic Illusion 4:06

  10. Suicidal Ways 2:27

About this product

Midnight went down to the crossroads in 1974 — unfortunately, the crossroads at Olympia Fields, IL didn't have the same dark power as some of the other great rock intersections! Still, today we still get this circa-77 midwestern teenage hard rock with one foot in the 60s garage and the other kicking forward, to the days of darkness ahead.