posted February 23rd, 2016

Bill Callahan fans and friends, stay a-Woke! It's not the Apocalypse- not yet! The Calla-man is BACK; flying high above the Dream River, wishing he were an Eagle, planning on making some pit stops along California's cruel "Winter Road" (it drops below 50 at night!) to bring the people what they've so hungered for for too long - live music from Bill Callahan! With three shows coming up this week, Bill's got almost as many gigs as he played in all of 2015 - what can this mean? You'll have to attend to find out - if there's a few unfamiliar songs in the setlist, then you can start the rumors - new Callahan a-comin'! But even if it's a hits-set, you can be sure that Bill will guide you through the golden state with love, ferocity and ardor. As the punters know, Bill kicks a captivating REALNESS that always lands with a hometown bounce. Oh, to hear the sweet sounds of Callahan with fresh ears for the first time (or again!)! Now's your chance to bring a friend into the living, breathing world of Bill Callahan, playing his first US shows outside of Texas since all the way back in 2014! So if you're going to the Noise Pop Festival, wear some dead flowers in your hair - Bill Callahan's coming to town! Sonoma, and LA, you too! Details below.

2/24/16 @ The Old Redwood Barn in Sonoma, CA
2/25/16 @ Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco, CA
2/26/16 @ The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA*
*Two show performance, at 7:30pm & 10:15pm

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