posted July 19th, 2016

It's been a long-ass minute since Bill Callahan has given us that thing we, the people, deserve - a new record! But let's not get too harsh - the next best thing has steadily happened with greater frequency this calendar year - Bill Callahan shows played across the country (which is a big enough fuggin' deal, ok?). Still, those performances have happened solely on the coasts, giving the battleground states of middle America the short end of the stick (but what's new?)! Well now, the Apocalyptic Eagle is set to land in the Dream River of America's heartland. Come September, Bill brings his balladeering to Chicago for a multi-night performance at Constellation, along with a stop-over in stop-over deprived Milwaukee, WI.  Aw shit, who're we kidding, the Windy City is desperate for a twofer from Sweet Bill, too!

This Midwest connection directly follows Bill's performance at Cropped Out Festival in Louisville, KY.  Suddenly 2016 doesn't look so bleak, does it? Let's all help this even-paced campaign bring itself to term- Bill Callahan in 2016!

9/24 at Cropped Out Festival in Louisville, KY
9/25 at Constellation in Chicago, IL
9/26 at Constellation in Chicago, IL
9/27 at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, WI

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