posted August 22nd, 2016

What's harder to accept - that three African-American brothers in mid-70s Detroit channeled proto-punk music in total obscurity and weren't TRULY heard doing so for over thirty years - or that it's been over seven years since we all finally got it with the release of For the Whole World to See? Both spans of time seem interminable, and yet, the freshness of Death's music has sustained them through the years of touring since then, supplemented by two additional archival releases and last year's all-new album (yeah, N.E.W.). The recognition has rolled in waves ever since then, but even YOUR cynical ass (what happened to you?) has got to recognize that the honoring of Death in the official Smithsonian African American History Museum in Washington, DC is pretty fucking amazing!

The museum will display the story of DEATH from their days in as a young band in the '70s and showcase their incredible (-ly unknown at the time) evolution in rock n roll music! On September 24th the opening ceremony features a dedication from President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama. And hey - this thing is open to the public, so let's all be there, shall we? The Smithsonian will be celebrating this inaugural event all throughout our nation's capital. The ceremony starts at 9am, so get your rest - the night concludes with a Death performance at The Black Cat!

DEATH doesn't stop there, though - with another date in Philadelphia, a trip Las Vegas AND a European tour on the horizon it's safe to say DEATH are is STILL ready for the Whole World To See...them!

8/26 at Psycho Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV
9/24 at Black Cat in Washington, DC
9/26 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA
9/29 at Toneladas in Valencia, Spain
9/30 at Caracol in Madrid, Spain
10/1 at Hyttrao in Athens, Greece
10/2 at Moth Club in London, UK
10/2 at Lido in Berlin, Germany
10/5 at Locomotiv Club in Bologna, Italy
10/6 at Marula Cafe in Barcelona, Spain
10/7 at Doka in San Sebastian, Spain
10/8 at Helldorado in Vitoria, Spain

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