posted August 26th, 2016

With the release of Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties, Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy lead an analogous path to righteousness and truth with emancipated jams of blissed intuition. All those moments of tranquility and trance - an albums-worth of uniquely lucid, flowing sound ideas - truly reveal themselves when exposited via live performance, as band and audience coalesce into something universal!

And so we beam with pleasure to announce that the Bonnie Bajas live experience touring the Midwest along the vapor trail to Cropped Out Festival in Louisville next month! With stops in Columbia and St. Louis, BPBBB are returning to the BITCHIN roots of it all to explore and expand upon the dawn of their cosmic sounds! With the lifting of spirits through free-flowing tones, notes and stream-of-consciousness lyrics, these Bonny Bajas performances are not to be missed.

Life has thrown you a pleasant curve with the addition of these shows; you will soon discover how lucky you are at the dates below!

Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy On Tour!

9/21/16 at Firestone Baars Chapel in Columbia, MO
9/22/16 at Joe's Cafe in St. Louis, MO
9/23 at Cropped Out Festival in Louisville, KY

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