posted October 21st, 2016

With Nine Suns, One Morning,The Silence are freakin' back, with their third album in 21 months! Talk about prolific - well, you have to be when you're not sure exactly when the world is ending. Head Silencemaster Masaki Batoh (formerly of the commune-based Ghost, 1984-2014), creates his own world music, with lyrics reflecting the mysterious indigenous spirit world of his hometown in Japan's Wakayama province and forging a international heritage through western rock and roll, blues, British traditional folk music, jazz and improvisation, all played with transcendent goals beyond.

The Silence stand against war, nuclear energy and racism. The majority of killing and death is triggered by the poor foreign diplomacy of the the world's false authorities and their collaborators, the banks and weapon manufacturers. There is no reason why we have to kill or hate each other. Nine Suns, One Morning explores the themes of death and destruction with a holistic eye towards self-regeneration. Routing the energies of strife and unrest inward, searching for the weakness and strength within, the knowledge of which can better the world. On "Look Up the Vault (A Pure Myth of Angelic Winter Water)", Batoh writes of the song "death is regeneration and funeral is a festival. There should be no sorrow, but wind blows and roars low in the grave yard and the land gets frozen." Death is not to be feared, but accepted in the cycle of life. Your spirit lives on, within this plane or another! To communicate this message, Ryuichi Yoshida's flute carries wafts of a gentle melody over a bossa feel until a crunching horn arrangement and distorted, yet elegant electric guitar tones spark rhythmic departure and ascension. The prog-like fusing of multiple sections into cogent rock and roll song is the sound and energy of Nine Suns, One Morning, symbolizing the world of nature and spirit that need to be respected above and beyond our petty human obsessions. Save the world, "Look Up the Vault"! 

Enlighten yourself by listening to the song on Tiny Mix Tapes and pre-order the album before it drops on November 11th! Batoh has also included a specially curated playlist, compiling great tunes from three different regions around the world, for your listening transcendence! So go on - get Silence.


11/4/16 @ Club Goodman Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan
11/30/16 @ Koenji Club Mission in Tokyo, Japan 
12/16/16 @ UFO CLUB in Tokyo, Japan


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