The Silence

Nine Suns, One Morning


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  1. Ritual of the Sun (Worm Hole to the Universe) 5:41

  2. Nine Suns, One Morning 4:39

  3. Big Buddha Eyes Opening Ceremony 6:28

  4. Look Up the Vault (A Pure Myth of Angelic Winter Water) 4:12

  5. No Expectations 5:26

  6. Machine Guns 2:07

  7. Even Guillion 5:50

  8. Louie Louie 3:21

  9. The Shadow 13:36

About this product

Nine Suns, One Morning will change the way you live and love, if you accept it into your life. To do so, just breathe — in through your nose, out through your mouth. Feel the energy passing through your body, from your head, down through your legs to the earth. Turn your heart to the sky — and let The Silence surround you!

Song order above is the CD version. For vinyl, "No Expectations" and "Louie Louie" are on the 7" single.