posted November 18th, 2016

Nine Suns, One Morning is perhaps the most explosive album you will hear in 2016. With tremendous discipline, The Silence encompass the wide range of rock and roll styles with a number of instruments and techniques, always in service of the songs. Nine Suns, One Morning seeks new lines of expression, ranging ambitiously from the starting point in an exciting display of progressive rock music! Just listen to the opening track, "Ritual of the Sun", or better yet; watch and listen!

"Ritual of the Sun (Worm Hole to the Universe)" is a true full band experience, with every member proudly infusing their sounds into the solvent open air like a chemical agent. A honking saxophone riff is underscored with deep-rooted rhythm and contrasted with squalling guitars figures, conjuring psychedelic colors as the band plays on! A nod to classic videos from MTV's heyday, the images dart from one trip to another through oscillating Valley of The Dolls' visuals. Masaki Batoh and Jan Stiger dance interpretatively as the band provides shocks to your system with their highly organized noise!

The worm hole is the only gateway from the black hall; follow The Silence and escape to from the today's darkness and into the always-waiting light.

Nine Suns, One Morning is available now, watch the video below and grab a copy!

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