posted March 7th, 2017

Find Me Finding You, the forthcoming album from the Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble, is bound to be a deeply appreciated expression when it drops on March 24th - not only does it present a fusion of new and familiar collaborative elements that strike the ear with scintillating freshness, but the songs that are sung survey all the energies that are surging athwart the globe in these troubled times. In Laetitia's experienced activist hands, these ambitious propositions and dire proclamations give inspiration to a powerful vision of a new world coming - and don't worry, one of well-considered freedom instead of walls and cages.

"Love Captive" is the second song shared from Find Me Finding You and the first video from the album. This duet with Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor (featuring also an expectorating cornet performance by Rob Mazurek) lends romantic voicing to a central tenet of Laetitia's Find Me Finding You thought: that, should we be responsible enough to endeavor into a world of basic incomes and open relationships, we would stand to take revolutionary strides as individuals and as a community. 21st-century flower children, leave the Dionysian model behind! Love without restrictions can be found with a principled, Appollonian approach. And after that, trade as well! Watch the video now:

The video for "Love Captive" locates our heroine in the brutalist confines of a public amphitheater - with sheer faces of rock and concrete steps that are the site of ascent, descent and reflection for all the members of society. Laetitia looks on as bodies cross the frame, wearing coats against the cold, with the cranes of public works on the horizon. Moving from the reality of the everyday to the abstract shapes of a matching unreality, David Thayer's video finds revelation in the comparisons and contrasts. But this is only the beginning...

Don't forget - Find Me Finding You arrives on March 24th! Laetitia's massive UK and European tour (with some USA festival dates thrown in!) begins soon, check the dates below!


3/23/17 - 3/26/17 Big Ears Festival, Knoxville TN, USA  
3/30/17 - 4/2/17 DRILL Festival/The Echo, Los Angeles CA, USA  
4/6/17 The Grand Social, Dublin, Ireland 
4/7/17 Black Box, Belfast, United Kingdom 
4/9/17 Full Moon Club, Cardiff, United Kingdom  
4/10/17 Phoenix. Exeter. United Kingdom  
4/11/17 The Bullingdon, Oxford, United Kingdom  
4/12/17 The Green Door Store, Brighton, United Kingdom  
4/14/17 The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom  
4/15/17 The Crescent, York, United Kingdom   
4/17/17 CCA, Glasgow, United Kingdom  
4/18/17 Soup Kitchen, Manchester, United Kingdom  
4/19/17 The Sage 2, Gateshead, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom  
4/20/17 Moth Club, London , United Kingdom  
4/21/17 The Lantern, Bristol, United Kingdom  
2/22/17 The Winchester, Bournemouth, United Kingdom  
2/29/17 Motoki, Cologne, Germany
5/1/17 Kulturpalast Linden, Hannover, Germany
5/2/17 Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, Germany
5/3/17 Nachtasyl, Hamburg, Germany
5/4/17 Merlin, Stuttgart, Germany
5/5/17 Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands
5/6/17 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
5/9/17 Le Biplan, Lille, France
5/10/17 Espace B, Paris, France
5/12/17 Lieu Unique, Nantes, France
5/13/17 Le Manege, Lorient, France
5/14/17 MV Festival, Dijon, France
5/17/17 Les Bains douches, Besancon, France
5/18/17 Sonic, Lyon, France
5/19/17 Neubad Club, Luzern, Switzerland  
5/22/17 Bodega, Nottingham, United Kingdom
5/23/17 The Musician, Leicester, United Kingdom
5/24/17 The Junction 2, Cambridge, United Kingdom
5/25/17 Shop Front Theatre, Coventry, United Kingdom
5/26/17 The Continental Pub, Preston, United Kingdom
5/27/17 South Street Arts Centre, Reading, United Kingdom
9/20/17 - 9/23/17 International Festival Of Psychedelia, Liverpool, United Kingdom 

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