Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble

Find Me Finding You


Drag City
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  1. Undying Love For Humanity 3:52

  2. Double Voice, Extra Voice 5:20

  3. Love Captive 4:08

  4. Psychology Active (Finding You) 6:12

  5. Committed 3:58

  6. Reflectors 4:04

  7. Deep Background 4:00

  8. Galactic Emergence 4:19

  9. The Woman with the Invisible Necklace 3:29

  10. Sacred Project 3:29

About this product

New waves are breaking, upon which it is our choice, chance and challenge, to ride. The new collaboration Source Ensemble brings fresh percolations, energy and air to Laetitia's humanized community-politic. Geometric composition made with a belief that permeates and intimately binds all things — requesting free love and markets NOW! Our future selves depend on it.