posted July 26th, 2017

Dig it, pals - The Silence are an analog unit, but the weight of their sound is unencumbered - they're also a mobile unit and that means they can, and do, hit the road! Masaki Batoh's group is more than a band, it's an energy passing through your body, starting in your ears and staring into your mind, making a clearing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, and let the energy flow through you and into the earth. That's when you hear it - the joyously deep and powerful vibes, rocking this world and possibly others. The Silence most recently released Nine Suns, One Morning, a double LP that will change the way you live and love if you accept it into your life - we suggest you do, and take note of the energy sweeping through Japan, as The Silence embark on a week-long tour next month!  

8/8/17 at Tokuzo in Nagoya, Japan w/ Viollenta, Hibushibire

8/9/17 at Helluva Lounge in Kobe, Japan w/ Psyche Bugyo, Hibushibire

8/10/17 at Club Quattro in Hiroshima, Japan w/ JAHCAZE, Hibushibire

8/11/17 at Conpass in Osaka, Japan w/ Moan, Controlled Death, Hibushibire

8/12/17 at Soto in Kyoto, Japan w/ Hibushibire

8/13/17 at Club Goodman Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan w/ Boku to George, Hibushibire

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