posted August 25th, 2017

Sean O'Hagan's work spans enough decades that you probably aren't aware of all the places you've heard it. Of course, he's been the guiding voice in the High Llamas world of avant pop since way back in the 90s, and you should likely know him as a key arranger for Stereolab (he's collaborated with Tim Gane on other projects as well, including Turn On); older heads may also be familiar with his first band, Microdisney. Old news to you? Read on, friend!

Over the past 20 years, Sean's talent for arranging strings and brass has led him to do so for artists as far ranging as Paul Weller, The Charlatans, Sondre Lechre, Tim Burgess and Elza Souares. In that same time, the stud has scored 5 feature films, collaborated on the Musical Paintings book and installation with Jean Pierre Muller, and acted as musical director and curator for The Barbican Cenre and South Bank Centre in London, all while leading the Llamas into the future we call "today" with some of the most imaginative releases - Talahomi Way and Beet, Maize and Corn to name but a few - to ever hit the world of lush pop fantasy!

His most recent gig in the "side-job" area of arranging was with Gilberto Gil, but here's where it gets interesting - O'Hagan isn't some unapproachable ego-maniac, he's actually an amiable and gracious chap who loves to work. Maybe even with you! Got a project that requires some strings or expanded musical ideas only an experienced ear can provide? Now's you're opportunity: while we all anxiously await the follow up to the Llamas' Here Come The Rattling Trees, you can hire the highest Llama in the land to arrange or compose for your project. Fore real! Just reach out here, on Sean's site!

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