posted November 15th, 2017

The late 1960s brought a cascade of reflection to popular music, a deep sense of transformation that included disillusionment within its revolution. High on the waves of those turbulent times, Chris Gantry pulled apart the tropes of traditional voice-and-guitar singer-songwriting with his raconteur spirit and refined lyrical expressions. Settled in Johnny Cash's home studio with a band of Nashville troubadours following a brush with the Feds over growing marijuana on his farm, Gantry ran through an album's worth of material that would eventually become At The House of Cash. An album that was so strange it led Cash to tell Chris at the time, "not even the drug people are gonna understand it," the session got shelved for over four decades!

Now, on the week of its release, Chris Gantry revisits "The Lizard," a song found near the conclusion of At The House of Cash that still resonates like a bonafide hit, via a home recorded video. It's a tune forgotten by time and circumstance, but to hear Gantry strum those chords nearly forty-five years later sounds like a true pleasure and delight. The dust of time rinses off with each feverish delivery and the sleek self-confidence of Chris, the living link to Nashville's Music Row doesn't show any sign of slowing down! Speaking of which, Gantry is slated to perform at Grimey's New and Pre-Loved Music this Thursday, November 16th, in Nashville. What a perfect send off to the release of At The House of Cash, out on LP & CD November 17 th!


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