Chris Gantry

At the House of Cash


Drag City
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  1. Away Away 3:39

  2. Different 3:11

  3. Tear 4:05

  4. Dreaming' of a Leavin' Train 4:06

  5. Saddest Song Ever Sung 2:45

  6. Flower of the Mountain 4:06

  7. Hatred for Feeny 3:39

  8. Clair Oh Clair 3:25

  9. Oobabalap 2:54

  10. The Lizard 4:12

  11. See Ya Around 1:22

About this product

Back in '73: invited by ol' JC (that's Mister Cash to you and me) to chill out and cut some tracks at his country manor, our hero (Chris Gantry, to you and me) let loose with a surge of revelations of love and haight; minimalist acid-country/folk, as if the genre ever existed! This is the first sign of it since then, made all the sweeter by the years — and the weirder!