posted December 15th, 2017

We've spent the last couple weeks deep in the recesses and crevasses of the Drag City nest, where even our bravest fans would have no sense of time or place, no compass or sense of gravity. Yes, it's inventory time again, where we look upon some of the most venerable items on our catalog! It makes us think, gee, what if we didn't have to count these things next year? But the x-factor in our stated equation is YOU, dear listener. Sure, you could Christmas up with classic items from Death, Joanna Newsom, Ty Segall, Bill Callahan, OM, Silver Jews, Bonnie Prince Billy and the rest - but what if you didn't? What if you instead invested in our eighth-ever release, the 7"EP Various Artists title "I Hear The Devil Calling Me".  Such sweet bang for the buck! Twelve NZ artists from the golden days of NZ. OR - you like cassettes, don't you? How's about a Gastr del Sol's Crookt, Crackt, or Fly on CS? Because that's the only physical format left on that grand old title. If O'Rourke and Grubbs'd known way back when that they be survived on cassette only? WOW. The same goes for early titles from Smog and The Red Krayola too. And with winter up on us now, how about some suitable headgear? There's Bonny Billy's bilingual "Best Troubador" chapeau, that'll keep the snow out of your eyes with style. And its mesh back allows for ventilation no matter what the temperature! Or say, if you're worried about a draft, why not score a Black Bananas patch? It's an eye-popper no matter where you sew it - one of the best textiles we have to offer, along with the Joanna Newsom "Have One On Me" tote and the Six Organs of Admittance "Ascent" patch! And that's to say (slightly more than) nothing about our DVDs! The gift of Final Flesh says "I know we're not gonna survive another year, but that doesn't mean we can't have a really good, really weird time". We've got all sizes of t-shirts and all formats of music! Drag City is the modern-day giving tree - take our feathers, and fly!