posted December 19th, 2017

Hey all you rock n' rollers! we know what happens when you or a friend/loved one hit that certain age... the beat of the biological clock grows stronger and stronger, til BOOM! Another little baby child is born... in need of something to wear! Babies are miniature, attention-grabbing versions of humans - (sometimes) beautiful, and therefore perfect for being dressed in the clothing you think is most emblematic of your personal interests and the music lovin' adult you hope to see em grow up to be. And since you don't want the little ones you know and potentially love to be wearing the same old schtick from Babies "R" Us, we've created two distinct Drag CityBaby Onesies! Yes: now the classic Drag City T you've been sporting (the classic Pushead Dylan  or the Tracy Nakayama designs, natch!) are available in baby-sized version just in time for the gift giving season! What are you waiting for? Grab your onesie (hell, grab twosie) now!