posted March 19th, 2018

We all dig pouring over the extensive interviews found within the Galactic Zoo Dossier, and nothing blurs our eyes with bliss more than its entirely hand-drawn graphics (gracefully put to page by the sandalwood-stinking hand of Plastic Crimewave). They always arrive with creamy mixtapes of exclusive music, too -it's the only essential interstellar psych fanzine out there worth reading! But every once in a while, when we're on the go, we forget to pack every volume in our satchel. It's the pits! So we took it upon ourselves to consider how some among us would truly benefit from digital access to all GZD content - perhaps you'd like to read an interview with Bill Ham, found in Issue #8, skip back to an interview with Damo Suzuki from Issue #5, and follow that up with an interview with Shirley Collins from Issue #10? The only way to make that happen easily without doggin' the ears of your physical issues is to make 'em available in PDF form - and so it is done!

Now, for the first time ever, ALL Galactic Zoo Dossiers are available for purchase digitally - every aspect of each issue is provided with purchase: a full PDF of the magazine, trading card art, and MP3 versions of the CD or cassette compilation that comes with any particular issue. Now, and forever! Blast forward into future, outer realms with any and all GZD content by your side - digitally!

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