posted March 23rd, 2018

Bonnie Prince Billy's cosmic path is passing through Tennessee this weekend - more specifically, through Knoxville, and to be even more precise, through the Big Ears Festival that's happening RIGHT NOW. This isn't just any normal Bonnie Prince manistation - which is not to imply that there IS such a thing - instead, both he and Cheyenne Mize are performing with Norweigian vocalist supreme, Susanna, this evening.  In and among the surprises of the performance will be included songs from Bonny's recently-released Wolf of the Cosmos LP/CD, in which Susanna's 2008 Sonata Dwarf Mix Cosmos was covered, song by song, by a group including Cheyenne, Emmett Kelly Chris Rodahaffer and the Prince himself. Wolf of the Cosmos pays tribute to the complexities, contradictions and unknowable acts of deities and humans alike that Susanna sang about in her original album. With these sorts of messages pointed directly at today's beleagured potential listeners, Wolf of the Cosmos is clearly a record is about communication for those who wish to communicate. Additionally, it is a bountiful blend of fiddle, banjo, bass and vocal harmonies, with Bonny leading the band into the heart of Susanna's songs in such a fashion that they seem to be coming from their own hearts as well. Even if you can't just jump into Big Ears, make sure you get yourself a wolf! Wolf of the Cosmos, yo.

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