posted March 23rd, 2018

Chris Gantry's At the House of Cash turned a lot of heads last fall, and why shouldn't it have? An archival release from the golden days of the Nashville Outlaw sound, and a totally outrageous artifact from the cowboy-hippie era's Search for Higher Meaning, At the House of Cash stretched past the limits of acceptability of it's day with a heady song-stew allusively referencing all manner of celestial visions under the sun - from Jesus to peyote! That's just the kind of stew we like. Recently, we were were honored to host Chris here in Chicago, where he played to a delighted crowd at the Hideout - and even more honored when Chris decided to stick around for a Steamroom session!

With just his guitar and a microphone, Chris let his old-school chops shine on a lovely new song, "I Cry Quietly", evoking memories of soft-country ballads by John Hartford, Glenn Campbell or Ray Price. Chris showed us that his Outlaw tendencies are alive and well - still standing up for the right thing against the tide of wrong, and still determined to do it his way - instead of a At the House of Cash number, he wanted to sing something from today, and so he did. And that's what Outlaw really is -


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