posted August 10th, 2018

While Masaki Batoh is currently featured on Bandcamp, his prime moving progressive/psychedelic/classic rock outfit, The Silence, is set to tour all across the wonderful cities of Japan! By the heavens, if you've been fortunate to encounter Batoh in concert in any of his incarnations, you've learned something about the hammer of the gods. The Silence are perhaps the most intense of the bunch - check Nine Suns, One Morning - the most primal and authentic in their rock n' roll temple worship, an attribute that can only be attained by the wisdom gained from decades of building that temple with stone, by hand. Don't stay silent - stand up and rock! Get yourself to see The Silence on tour this month!

8/29/18 at Club Quattro in Hiroshima, Japan
8/30/18 at Pepper Land in Okayama, Japan
8/31/18 at Conpass in Osaka, Japan
9/1/18 at Urbanguild in Kyoto, Japan
9/2/18 at UFO CLUB in Tokyo, Japan

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