posted October 15th, 2018

A couple weeks back, on the day Kid Gorgeous at Radio City was released, John Mulaney spent an afternoon signing records at Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn, and it was lots of fun for him and the fans alike. Since John isn't planning to tour this year (after spending a couple hundred days on the road developing the Kid Gorgeous show), the chance of him appearing elsewhere to do another thing like this is kinda slim. We're looking at other signings in nearby East Coast cities in the near future, but for anybody else, how about this? Now you can order a specially personalized copy of Kid Gorgeous at Radio City for you or someone like you! After you place your order here, send what you want inscribed (or just say “dealer’s choice” and John will inscribe as his mood directs!) to along with your order number. Then we'll dispatch the stock to John with your info, he'll sign and return to us, we'll send it to you and then you'll get it. Whew! In other words, expect at least 2–3 weeks between your order and delivery. But then you'll have a one-of-a-kind item AND something from one of America's great modern comics, all wrapped in in one item. Is that a deal or what? 

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