John Mulaney

Kid Gorgeous at Radio City


Drag City
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  1. Ghosts 2:43

  2. What Would Leonard Bernstein Do? 2:57

  3. We Have Cleared the Entire Day for This Random Guy 4:07

  4. Stranger Danger 8:31

  5. I Didn't Drink the Water the Entire Time 6:36

  6. Long Victorian Nightgown 2:10

  7. Is That Something You Find Funny Mr. Mulaney? 1:42

  8. Monkey, Monkey, Monkey Man 2:44

  9. Tonight's No Good How About Wednesday? :40

  10. Lyrics by Me & Mick Jagger 4:59

  11. The Phone Used to Be a Wood Box with a Thing on It 1:40

  12. Waving at a Ship 1:03

  13. Now It's Time for the Robot Test 1:30

  14. Building a Gazebo in the Civil War 1:25

  15. There's a Horse in the Hospital 6:56

  16. The Mayor of Nothing 3:17

  17. Petunia and the Last Supper 4:19

  18. God Can't Hear You 5:49

  19. Fantasia on the Bittenbender Method for Organ in C Major by Jon Brion 2:54

About this product

Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is the album of the Netflix concert film I did which was the culmination of a 150 date stand-up comedy tour called John Mulaney Kid Gorgeous. It’s a bunch of stories about how I remember life being, or at least feeling, towards the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. Then there are a few loud complaints about petty things. Then other jokes and stuff. I wrote and performed all of them. I like doing stand-up comedy very much.  — John Mulaney