posted January 16th, 2019

Neil Hamburger is once again singing in front of a band with his new album, Still Dwelling! This time, instead of pandering to the US of Red States with more contempo-country rock as he did on Sings Country Winners,"America's Funnyman" is letting a song go out of his heart (thirteen of 'em, actually! (Songs, not hearts)) with assistance from the great hitmakers of the past century. Yes, Still Dwelling is a lushly orchestrated covers record, with an original thrown in for good measure!  

So does the next single from Still Dwelling portray Neil Hamburger as swinging bachelor? Well it sure tries, with a classy version of 1960s hit "The Straight Life," a song in which Neil takes his dreams to the extreme but ends up with nothing to show for it in the end. In the video for "The Straight Life" (created by Ashley Brown), Neil is transported to his very own Saturday morning cartoon, a world reminiscent of the Hannah-Barbera cartoons of the 60's, sure to conjure up waves of nostalgia for boomers, dreamers, and you! Soak it up, and dig the harmonious "wall of sound" backing vocals provided by these angels from above, Chris Price, Elizabeth Messick, Emeen Zarookian, Corey Perez and Alex Jules, before Neil drags you with him, straight to Hell below. 

Watch "The Straight Life" today and consider this another "top" notch in the sagging belt of Neil Hamburger!


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