Neil Hamburger

Sings Country Winners


Drag City
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  1. Three Piece Chicken Dinner 2:38

  2. The Recycle Bin 3:21

  3. Please Ask That Clown to Stop Crying 4:43

  4. Jug Town 3:08

  5. How Can I Still Be Patriotic (When They've...) 4:32

  6. At Least I Was Paid 3:11

  7. Thinkin' It Over 3:06

  8. Garden Party II 3:01

  9. Zipper Lips Rides Again 2:06

  10. The Hula Maiden 5:52

About this product

Having a comedian like Neil sing to you is like getting two patties when you only ordered a single burger. Even if that burger is full of flies and chicken bones, you're still getting something special. Chow down on these impeccably played and horribly sung soon-to-be classics.