posted May 7th, 2019

The annals of Nashville, the 20th century's immortal Music City, are filled with lore of the legends, as well as tales of the one-shots, the lesser-knowns and the delightful obscurities. Like the outlaw he defines himself as, Chris Gantry doesn't really fit in any of those boxes -and now, 50-plus years since he wrote his first hit, "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife", Gantry prepares to release Nashlantis, his first album of new music following the 2017 archival release of At The House of Cash.

Produced by Jerry David DeCicca and recorded in Nashville with the legendary engineer Rob Galbraith, Nashlantis features 11 mesmerizing, worn n' weathered Gantry performances. Preserving the intimate nature of Chris' acoustic guitar and vocals, Don Cento, Ryan Jewell, and Marina Peterson wove electric guitar, mandolin, synthesizer, percussion and cello into the fabric of the songs, and Edith Frost and Bill Callahan turned up at Stuart Sikes' mixing session in Austin to add harmony vocals, as well.   

Nashlantis is a testament to the career and talent of Chris Gantry - the individualism that set him apart from his earliest days and his openhearted embrace of the unknown. Featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame's Outlaws and Armadillos exhibit last year (one of two living artists included), Chris's cosmic stirrings have always set him a little apart from the rest. Nashlantis makes for yet another unique chapter in the Chris Gantry catalog - a potent new entry, five decades and more down the line - the improbability of which makes it pure Gantry, all the way.    
As DeCicca says: "Gantry's juiced these songs like they're speedballs. He's taken the painful and the positive and wrapped it up in a celebration of the raw and knotty thing called Song. He brought his Queens, NY accent to Nashville in 1963, ran with legends like Shel [Silverstein] and Kris [Kristofferson], sang at Woodstock with Tim Hardin, but all that's just trivia. It's the past. It's in history books and he's still breathing, and it's his breath that is in these songs. Others went diving for a sunken treasure and never came up for air. But here he is, dry as a bone, daring us, "Do you have the stomach for this?"
 "Life Well Lived," the first single from Nashlantis, premieres on Rolling Stone Country today - listen now, and prepare to sink into Nashlantis fully when it's released on July 26th!


7/11/19 Murmrr Theatre Brooklyn NY*
7/12/19 White Eagle Hall Jersey City NJ*
*w/ Bill Callahan

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