posted May 21st, 2019

Hang on - Exurbian Quonset is almost here! Mike Donovan's third solo LP and second in the past year hits down on Friday, and finds him in full flight, bringing out the deep grain out of his chose folk/sike/rock,with a variety of degraded pop tunes immaculately arranged, like flowers for your pleasure. His gracious bow began back in February, with the announce, and the hearty roll-and-screech of "Digital Dan" to bolster against the cold. This was by second drop, "Wadworth March" which was equally danceable; sewer r'n'b with lyrics sketching (as ever) Proustian moments from a life in constant transformation coded into gripping rock 'n roll. Oh, and before the whole bundle comes, here's one more flickering image...

With "B.O.C. Rate Applied", Mike is rolling perfection in his hand; delicate strings usher a solemn bounce into being, after which the circle of life and paths of glory and defeat are gravely considered, before concluding with the sublimely optimistic couplet "every grain of earth it saves our life / and every ray of light it hits the target." The chamber arrangement is punctuated with a celebratory solo guitar line, which is right on for Mike's self-professed "love song about how lucky we are that everything is the way it is." It has found the perfect visual partner in the Super-8 footage that accompanies it into life together as video. Moments of a now-distant wedding, and the kids, swirl and blur as if in memory, or exalted tribute to a time when everything was exactly as it should be. An abstract tear-jerker; but you know you're alive when you cry, so it's all good.  Watch "B.O.C. Rate Applied" now and cop the album on Friday!

6/13/19 Polymer Long Beach CA
6/14/19 The Love Song Bar Los Angeles CA
6/15/19 The Knockout San Francisco CA
6/21/19 Hollow Earth Seattle WA
6/22/19 Turn Turn Turn Portland OR
8/9/19- 8/10/19 Huichica Festival Hudson Valley NY

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