Mike Donovan

Exurbian Quonset


Drag City
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  1. Digital Dan 4:16

  2. Iwata-Wise 2:45

  3. Wadsworth March 2:39

  4. Hate Mail Writer 1:47

  5. Stone 3:34

  6. Wot Do Rich People Do All Day? 4:08

  7. B.O.C. Rate Applied 2:14

  8. Nowhere Descender 1:53

  9. Zone Dome 2:40

  10. My System 1:52

About this product

Holed up in the far-flung Quonset of his mind, Sic AlpsMike Donovan is free to beam his haunted falsetto on waves of ripping feedback into the yawning spaces of the lo-fi (but ever-expandin') rock and roll project universe. A craftsman, he casts his classic bubblegum ditties in shades of dream-strewn gray, an arrested envelopment of glitter rock/metal machine music for the DAC age. Flee the urban squall! 

LP version is on white vinyl.