posted June 13th, 2019

They say good things come in threes-and the new Mike Donovan album is back to remind us! Exurbian Quonset is his third solo outing, less than a year after his second solo, How To Get Your Records Played In Shops (which proved that good things came in twos last year). The opener, "Digital Dan", peels out like a dragster doing donuts behind the Dunkin Donuts - a bit meta, sure, and a bit just plain FUCKED too. Thankfully that's as far as the ol' metaphor will go, BUT if you live on the West Coast Mike D might actually be out behind the donut shop somewhere near you this week! Beginning in Long Beach and headed east, then north, Mike's bringing his big bag o'treats 'n tabs - no, not THOSE kinda tabs (though one can hope), but instead the ones that chart his good old time rock n roll-based compositions from the otherwise unknowable future. With three solo albums under his belt and countless releases with Sic Alps, The Peacers and many MANY more, there's a surprise in every box! Erm, show.  
Directed by William Keihn, the video for "Digital Dan" manifests like a vision from your Black Mirrror-infused nightmares. Has deep fake technology gone too far? First celebrity porn and now this!? Sleep tight tonight and remember, do you know where your corporate overlords are? If so, let's go creepy crawl 'em!

6/13/19 Polymer Long Beach CA
6/14/19 The Love Song Bar Los Angeles CA
6/15/19 The Knockout San Francisco CA
6/21/19 Hollow Earth Seattle WA
6/22/19 Turn Turn Turn Portland OR
8/9/19- 8/10/19 Huichica Festival Hudson Valley NY

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