posted July 2nd, 2019

"Every song that's nevermore sung/will sound again upon the Evernew Tongue"

Whether we understand the reference in the line, it sums up Alasdair Roberts' approach as a singer and songwriter, now halfway through its third decade. Down the years, he has devoted himself to the history of traditional songs, playing them forward into our ever-evolving world as their meanings continue to evolve within him. Whether singing the auld songs, using inspiration from a line of text, or taking a time-honoured air as as a starting point to a new song, he has pushed the tradition ahead in ways that few other singers have approached.

Recorded at Anchor Lane Studios in Glasgow his forthcoming album, The Fiery Margin, has the distinction of being an exceptional recital whose origins could be ascribed to traditional Scottish, English and Irish music, not to mention the sounds of the world beyond. With the new single, "The Evernew Tongue", Alasdair's mastery of lush arrangements and distinguished vocals provide a new excitement for what's in store during this new phase.

As for you, dear citizen of today's world - don't wait! Listen to "The Evernew Tongue" above and pre-order your copy for 9/13.

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