Alasdair Roberts

The Fiery Margin


Drag City
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  1. False Flesh 4:16

  2. The Evernew Tongue 3:02

  3. Europe 5:06

  4. Comments 3:55

  5. A Keen 2:55

  6. The Stranger with the Scythe 3:33

  7. Actors 3:22

  8. Common Clay 4:26

  9. Learning is Eternal 4:46

  10. The Untrue Womb 3:43

About this product

Further explorations of the timeless and infinite spirit of man courtesy of our man in Scotland, Alasdair Roberts, who plays his original numbers here accompanied by a band, whose acoustics are as lush or as sparse as they desire them to be. Alasdair's almost mystic ability to stand in the tradition and push forward into fresh territory continues to astound — a tale to be told in future times, as they all are.