posted August 7th, 2019

Chicago's (erm, America's) busiest musician is on the road again next week! Bill MacKay is headed off to Huichica East Festival in New York, playing a few gigs with fellow DC-ite Mike Donovan (what an excellent pairing! Mike's latest, Exurbian Quonset, is undoubtedly the freshest flower May, if not all of 2019, had to offer!) and then back for a quick jaunt in the Midwest. In honor of the occasion, Bill's unveiled a music video for "Birds of May", a standout track from his wondrous and most recent outing, Fountain Fire.

Bill MacKay's meditative yet expressive voice takes center stage on "Birds of May," showing this dude has a range that extends well beyond his fantastic finger-pickin'-tips! Hearing Bill's sing-songs is a hair raising experience, evoking a sense of peacefulness that resides just this side of eerie and haunting. Imagery, deftly supplied by frequent collaborator William Keihn, follows suit with a pensive Bill emerging from a dense, heavy fog; later, images of natural empty spaces appear, pairing perfectly with the starkness of the song.

Watch "Birds of May" above now and satisfy your innermost ASMR desires, assuming all the above sounds delightfully ticklish! All upcoming tour dates are below, catch you at the gigz.

8/10/19 Huichica East Kingston NY Huichica Music Festival (Hudson Valley)
8/12/19 House Show    North Hampton MA*
8/13/19 The Half Moon Hudson NY*
8/21/19 The Mill Iowa City IA^
8/24/19 Sleeping Village Chicago IL^
8/31/19 Virtue Cider Fennville MI
9/13/19 The Hideout Chicago IL w/ Nathan Bowles for Picnic on the Porch
9/28/19 Hyde Park Jazz Festival Chicago IL%

* w/ Mike Donovan
^w/ Purple Mouintains
% duo of Bill MacKay & Katinka Kleijn

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