posted October 24th, 2019

                                                             "It's not obsession, it's persistence"

                                                Music Xylouris/White, Lyrics Mitsos Stravrakakis
                                                   Η μοίρα μου με στράβωσε, ή μ'άνοιξε τα μάθια?
                                                Και βρέθηκα στο δρόμο σου ρόδο μου με τ'αγκάθια

                                                         Has fate blinded me or opened my eyes?
                                                I have found myself on your path, my thorny rose"

Xylouris White's video for "Ascension", directed by Shelagh Hannan, relates  to the Sisyphean theme of their forthcoming album. Work is life; skill sets arise from repetitive actions. The cognitive assembly of daily duty is not merely how we obtain the essential things we need, it is also a path to higher consciousness. As in the song: Jim White's drums and George Xylouris' Cretan lute and vocal circle the melody, finding in the repeated pattern a hypnosis that leads UP.  

Likewise, the video looks high and low, from acts of survival to expressions of craft, all ritually enacted to supply intention and meet needs. Our world is driven by these actions, and "Ascension" comes from the doing. Just hearing and seeing in your own eyes and ears isn't enough for believing, either: you live life in the world with the rest of us! Xylouris White will be there too. They are headed on a tour of Europe and the states starting early next month and going on through the end of the year and forward into time.

So what are you standing still for? Watch the video above, get your hands moving and pre-order show tickets and your format of choice for The Sisypheans, out November 8th!

11/7/19 Parnassos Hall Athens Greece
11/9/19 Le Guess Who? 2019 Utrecht Netherlands
11/13/19 Summerhall Edinburgh United Kingdom
11/14/19 The Blue Arrow Glasgow United Kingdom
11/16/19 Mirth Marvel and Maud London United Kingdom*
11/18/19 Headrow Leeds United Kingdom
11/22/19 Fondazione Feltrinelli Milano Italy
11/23/19 Transmissions Festival Ravenna Italy
12/3/19 Le Poisson Rouge New York NY
12/4/19 Columbus Theatre Providence RI
12/5/19 SPACE Gallery Portland ME
12/6/19 The Beverly Kingston NY
12/10/19 Zebulon Los Angeles CA
12/11/19 Zebulon Los Angeles CA
12/12/19 The Lab San Francisco CA
12/13/19 EXO Tucson AZ
12/14/19 Constellation Chicago IL
12/15/19 Trinosophes Detroit MI
12/18/19 The Historic Holland Theatre Bellefontaine OH
1/23/20 Out To Lunch Festival Belfast United Kingdom
3/26/20- 3/29/20 Big Ears Festival Knoxville TN

*London Jazz Festival

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