Xylouris White

The Sisypheans


Drag City
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  1. Tree Song 7:24

  2. Goat Hair Bow 3:28

  3. Heart's Eyes 6:39

  4. Telephone Song 3:12

  5. Black Sea 4:20

  6. Inland 5:00

  7. Wedding Song 5:22

  8. Ascension 4:28

About this product

Xylouris White's fourth installment of progressive Cretan lute compositions present the sounds of the lute, George Xylouris' vocals and Jim White's drums in an open, spacious sound-field. With the philosophical bent that suits their music's ancient headwaters, Jim and George are meditating on the life of a traveling musician, Sisyphyan in its repetition, but inspired in an eternal recurrence of themes and techniques that allow them to climb ever-further into their experience as players.