posted October 28th, 2019

Seasons, they come and go - then they come again. It's not always true of records, but the best ones do have a way of becoming perennial in the long-suffering jukeboxes of our lives and minds. Since the untimely passing of David Berman, the Silver Jews catalog and the Purple Mountains album disappeared from record stores, vanished by the incredible demand that grief and memory incurred. Now, the first buds of a new season are appearing - some Silver Jews CDs, David's lone volume of poetry, Actual Air and the Purple Mountains LP/CD/CS are back, with more to come. If you pre-ordered from us, your orders will be going out in the next week; if you haven't ordered already, check the site for mailorder details. But when you do, also take time to look up the Purple Mountains t-shirt and trucker's cap now available - just in time for the rest of your lives. Emblazoned with the distinctive majestic range design, they're right for wearing both in darkness and cold and drinking margaritas at the mall, if that's just the way that you feel. Show your true color and pledge allegiance to the Purple tide. Or vote Silver - we have several sizes of the Silver Jews "Peace" shirt, with either black or orange ink on maroon cloth. Shirts and hats and records may come and go, but we'll have more Silver Jews and Purple Mountains for you here - ideally, forever.

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