Purple Mountains

Purple Mountains


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  1. That's Just the Way That I Feel 3:23

  2. All My Happiness is Gone 4:20

  3. Darkness and Cold 3:58

  4. Snow is Falling in Manhattan 6:03

  5. Margaritas at the Mall 3:54

  6. She's Making Friends, I'm Turning Stranger 4:11

  7. I Loved Being My Mother's Son 4:20

  8. Nights That Won't Happen 6:08

  9. Storyline Fever 4:46

  10. Maybe I'm the Only One for Me 3:18

About this product

David Berman comes in from the cold after ten long years. His new musical expression is a meltdown unparalleled in modern memory. He warns us that his findings might be candid, but as long as his punishment comes in such bite-sized delights of all-American jukebox fare, we'll hike the Purple Mountains with pleasure forever.