posted February 18th, 2020

The Sir Richard Bishop show is back in town, alive as ever with exotic action, plus a bit of everything but the kitchen sink! Oneiric Formulary is the sound of surprise - first Sir Rick being surprised, then us! Not simply by six-string acoustic rags 'n ragas, but departures as well into electric guitar, keyboard tricks, avant atmosphere, and even a reedy eastern knees-up! It's got mad variety, the kind you don't see much of anymore - an Ed Sullivan kind of evening out, with some spinning plates, dancing mice, and of course, an appearance from Zippy the Chimp.

A second helping of Sir Richard Bishop's new guitar jam arrives in your inbox today, just as sweet and biting as the finest artisanal marmalade! "The Coming of The Rats"combines electric and acoustic, with pensive bluesy
acoustic licks laying the bed for spectral hair-raising electric. It's an unusually lyric soundtrack for the suggested coming of rats, but when they do eventually come, you'll be glad for an accompaniment this fine!  
Listen to "The Coming of The Rats" and prepare for the SRB infestation on April 17th! 

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