Sir Richard Bishop

Oneiric Formulary


Drag City
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  1. Call to Order 1:36

  2. Celerity 3:44

  3. Mit's Linctus Codeine Co. 2:13

  4. Renaissance Nod 5:59

  5. Graveyard Wanderers 8:51

  6. Dust Devils 2:26

  7. Enville 2:06

  8. Black Sara 2:57

  9. The Coming of the Rats 4:21

  10. Vellum 6:24

About this product

The Sir Richard Bishop show is back in town, alive as ever with exotic action, plus a bit of everything but the kitchen sink. Oneiric Formulary is the sound of surprise — first Sir Rick being surprised, then us! Not simply by six-string acoustic rags ’n‘ ragas, but departures as well into electric guitar, keyboard tricks, avant atmosphere, and even a reedy eastern knees-up! The Bish like you've never heard him before.