posted March 24th, 2020

Jackie Lynn's  Jacqueline is hammering down the highway towards us all with an arrival date of April 10. Luckily, you don't have to wait that long to hear another slappin' track off the album, as “Dream St." lands ahead of time, plunging into the glittering American darkness, today!  The video for "Dream St." was shot by Tim Breen, who says, “Jackie Lynn taxis through her past on the corridor of dreams. A vortex rippling on the windshield. A memory sparked in a cloud of smoke. Driven by unseen forces with an armload of flowers. This was shot on a screen and drawn on paper. Flat surfaces in deep space.” Of “Dream St.” the band’s Haley Fohr notes:

I first wrote "Dream St." as an ode to my favorite street in Chicago, Ogden Drive.  It is one of the few streets in the city that runs on a diagonal. On a good day you can catch a nice steady flow and shave minutes off of your commute.  It also used to be a part of Route 66. I can't help but wonder if my very distinct attraction to the flow of Ogden isn't correlated to the deep historic stream that has been going down on that specific stretch of land for decades.

‘In transit’ means to pass through, and often times it's a situation where my body has no choice but to remain stationary, so my mind picks up the slack.  In this moment of in-between-ness is where I am able to find my deepest imagination, my most intimate secrets, and my longest narrative.  Everything about the making of ‘Dream St.’ was easy.  I wrote it in a breeze, and we tracked it all live in an evening. Julie Pomerleau and Bobby Conn did a fantastic job with the strings, and the session was such a dream in itself…

Right now everything seems hard.  In a time when we are all in our own cabins tucked away (yet in transit), I hope that this song can help alleviate any inner concerns one may have in isolation.

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She wore the mask back before it was an international thing! She’s someone else every night, riding the waves of the American life through back roads and main-traveled roads alike, agency self contained, majesty ever-blooming. Now you can claim an exclusive part of that existence, too. Order the Jackie Lynn album bundle today, while supplies last, and don't forget to watch the video for "Dream St."!

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