Jackie Lynn


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Drag City
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LP $22.00
LP Bundle $40.00
Compact Disc $12.00
CD Bundle $30.00
Cassette $10.00
Cassette Bundle $30.00
MP3 Download $9.99
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All Tracks

  1. Casino Queen 3:13

  2. Shugar Water 4:26

  3. Dream St. 5:24

  4. Short Black Dress 2:51

  5. Lenexa 3:06

  6. Odessa 7:02

  7. Traveler's Code of Conduct 3:58

  8. Diamond Glue 3:37

  9. Control 4:42

About this product

Plunging into the glittering American darkness, unconvicted felon Jackie Lynn becomes new Queen of the Highway, Jaqueline, dancing through new identities, dreams and realities.

Regarding SWAG Bundles:
Jackie Lynn’s essence comes fully through the music in ALL formats. If the song itself isn’t enough for your self-identification fantasies, if you the kind who requires bonus content or additional branding, the Jacqueline embroidered hat (in meditative white, with embroidered lyric philosophy on the front and back) and Jackie Lynn sticker (white on blue, with ‘we are not alone’ implied by the graphic). Plus download card!