posted May 14th, 2020

Notoriously out of step with the salad days of DC's hardcore movement of the early 80s, Maryland's No Trend burst on the scene with a uniquely nihilistic sound that was unmistakably their own.

"For The Fun Of It All," from No Trend's 1983 masterpiece, Too Many Humans, has all their defining elements - lyrics both sarcastic and desperate, nauseous waves of guitar distortion, and a cool, rolling rhythm section. Provocative and dissonant, No Trend represented an antithesis to the breakneck speed of hardcore and the herd mentality of straight edge. Unlike most of the stuff that defined their era, No Trend wore their name like a prophecy, and are among the 80s most enduring sounds as a result. Avant and anti-everything, No Trend's renunciation of the status quo defined their sound and image and is responsible for how the group is remembered today: as one of the most toxic, iconoclastic punk bands of the era.

Listen to "For The Fun Of It All" above and procure your copy of Too Many Humans/Teen!

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