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Too Many Humans / Teen Love

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  1. Family Style 3:15

  2. Blow Dry 5:01

  3. Reality Breakdown 4:00

  4. Kiss Ass to Your Peer Group 3:46

  5. Fashion Tips for the ’80s 1:43

  6. Do As You're Told 1:06

  7. Too Many Humans 3:57

  8. For the Fun of It All 2:29

  9. Mindless Little Insects 4:20

  10. Happiness Is... 7:03

  11. Mass Sterilization Caused by Venereal Disease (12" EP version) 2:40

  12. Cancer (12" EP version) 2:24

  13. Die 2:25

  14. Teen Love (12" EP version) 7:38

  15. - 4:46

  16. Cancer (Demo) 2:59

  17. Mass Sterilization Caused by Venereal Disease (Demo/7" version) 3:02

  18. Teen Love (Demo/7" version) 6:35

  19. Hanging Out in Georgetown 2:07

  20. Kiss Ass to Your Peer Group (Demo) 4:01

  21. Family Style (Demo) 4:34

  22. Reality Breakdown (Demo) 4:34

  23. Human Garbage 2:57

  24. Purple Paisleys Make Me Happy 3:02

  25. Do as You're Told (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) :49

  26. Fashion Tips for the ’80s (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 1:08

  27. Mindless Little Insects (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 2:23

  28. Reality Breakdown (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 2:08

  29. Teen Love (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 4:09

  30. Cancer (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 2:17

  31. Family Style (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 2:40

  32. Blow Dry (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 2:05

  33. Kiss Ass to Your Peer Group (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 3:13

  34. Mass Sterilization Caused by Venereal Disease (Live at Mabuhay Gardens) 1:38

  35. Do as You're Told (Live at Cathay de Grande) 1:10

  36. Fashion Tips for the ’80s (Live at Cathay de Grande) 1:06

  37. Mindless Little Insects (Live at Cathay de Grande) 2:05

  38. Reality Breakdown (Live at Cathay de Grande) 2:19

  39. Cancer (Live at Cathay de Grande) 2:39

  40. Family Style (Live at Cathay de Grande) 3:19

  41. Kiss Ass to Your Peer Group (Live at Cathay de Grande) 2:51

  42. Teen Love (Live at Cathay de Grande) 4:14

  43. Mass Sterilization Caused by Venereal Disease (Live at Cathay de Grande) 2:41

About this product

No Trend’s negging anti-hardcore exploded out of Washington DC in 1983, harshly contrasting that city's straight-edge punk scene. Confrontational, sarcastic and righteously set against the faddish ways of youth subculture, No Trend’s nihilistic rejection of punk was itself a vital punk-rock expression. The band continued to writhe in iconoclastic glee for a few more years, but these remasters of their earliest recordings, plus demos and a live set, showcase the stark industrial rage that had few rivals for unsettling sounds in a VERY unsettling era.

Includes exact reproductions of the Too Many Humans LP, "Teen Love" 12" & 7", plus two CDs containing those plus the first No Trend demo session, and two amazing live recordings from 1983. Also included: repro of No Trend fanzine #1, flyers, business card, and deluxe 40-page booklet with epic band history and interview, including many unseen photos and vintage show flyers.