posted May 21st, 2020

Come June 12th, it's a Box of Chocolates for everyone! Ya see, that's the release date of Fearful Symmetry, the lone Box Of Chocolates album that we're grateful to gift to the world's sweet teeth (and everyone with a sense of taste!). Back in the day, Box of Chocolates baked the cake and ate it too, as only made possible within the freewheeling dawn of the 1990s. With Fearful Symmetry's reintroduction imminent, BoC come into clear focus with "The Writhe", a frantic new-wave funker that's a little too forward-thrust to dance to, but the chorus commands dancing like a mutant anyway. Overloaded with this stark groove, "The Writhe" itches that post-Zappa, twitching scratch! 

The boys in the band have considered what releasing an album right now actually means, and how it can have an impact beyond livening up the day with sweet music, so they've decided to donate their income for the record to local charities in their respective towns! That means donations will be made to Louisville Mutual Aid: A New World Is PossibleDC's Capital Area Food Bank, and Vermont Food Bank from the profits of Box of Chocolates. As if you needed another reason to pre-order the record! Here's to helping feed others and getting a sweet, musical treat in return. Listen to "The Writhe" above!

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