posted July 9th, 2020

Magik Markers never had the well-turned heels and precious 'tuning pedals' so many bands set their stock with; they were animals. Animals learn. Animals adapt. Animals develop an economy of means. Animals rarely lie, and here, "Isolated From Exterior Time 2020," Magik Markers are those animals! This new EP appeared out of nowhere last week, billowing into full-fi brilliance with prowling guitar, static and delay-whacked vocals. Or, if we may continue the narrative, like a newly discovered species of reptile escaped from some nearby rain forest landing plop in the middle of a strip-mall parking lot, ready to stir shit up.  

From there, they propel forth towards the buzz of power lines hanging above the overly-crowded neighborhood hiking trails with a video for one of the EP's best singles, "Machine". Ultimately revealed to be human music, danceable and grandly damaged, the Elisa Ambrogio-directed video harnesses the Markers' vivacity amid the encroaching darkness.

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