Magik Markers

Isolated from Exterior Time: 2020


Drag City
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  1. Machine 3:06

  2. Three Guitars 7:02

  3. Arms to the Sky 4:16

  4. Jet Skis (Alt. Mix) 10:36

About this product

Magik Markers never had the well-turned heels and precious 'tuning pedals' so many bands set their stock with; they were animals. Animals learn. Animals adapt. Animals develop an economy of means. Animals rarely lie, and here, "Isolated From Time 2020," Magik Markers are those animals. If Lomax was still traveling the country looking for local singers, this EP could be a field recording — the new blues! A child's garden, transversed with guitar, static and delay-wacked vocals. Magic in the air, right next to Magik of course. An amazing free dirge billowing into full-fi brilliance, as well as the encroaching darkness, amid the flickering of torches, lighters and cellphones. If you haven't already surrendered to the fantasy of Magik Markers, now's the time!