posted July 10th, 2020

The sonic resonance of Bill Nace's solo debut Both reverberates through the constant deluge of noisy assaults we've now become accustomed to in this post apocalyptic world. Since it's digital release in June, Both has expanded into ears like hot tar, encouraging continual alertness, to hear and feel each murky tone. With vinyl now available at brick and mortar locations (support your local!) and direct to consumer mail order, Both has the ability to burrow its sound into deep foundations.

The meditative hum of Bill Nace's "Part 2" is dark and foreboding. Sharp edges are re-tooled, rhythms malleable. Directed by Sean Mattio, the video for "Part 2" highlights Bill's melodic structure with murky visuals, like a deep sea dive into the unknown with intensely satisfying results.

Watch the video for "Part 2" by clicking the link above, the deep sea dweller awaits you.

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