posted July 31st, 2020

With their one and only early-90s release, Fearful Symmetry, ad-hoc art freaks Box of Chocolate's secretly showcased music from a young Will Oldham, a figment of early Phish marination, an enthomusicologist, a 2019 Tony Award Winner, and more (weirdos)!
So consider Fearful Symmetry a time capsule bridging the gap between funky, post-punk 80s sounds and freewheeling, 90s college rock experimentation, and one its best songs, "The Writhe," a high energy track glimmering with new wave, tight grooves, layered guitars, and a heavy dose of reverb action. Now, to celebrate the official street date (today!) of Fearful Symmetry on physical formats, BoC enlisted the help of Marco Mazzoni to help conceptualize "The Writhe" in video form! This briskly paced visual journey through urban architecture demonstrates that, even 30 years later, the sounds of youthful discovery still echoes strong around the world.

Watch "The Writhe" now and be sure to look for the LP at your local brick and mortar store!

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